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Setting Ourselves Apart From Other Solar Companies CT!

Not all solar energy companies are alike! Find out what makes us the best.

Our solar energy company is consistently rated as one of the top solar companies in CT, standing head and shoulders above our competitors! What makes us the best, you may ask?

We know there is no “one size fits all” solution to solar power systems. We take pride in working with every customer individually, creating a solar panel design that fits their property, power needs, and budget.

The solar team here also specializes in no-cost solar and can answer your questions on available tax credits, manufacturer rebates, and other financial incentives. Whatever your needs for solar power, at home or the office, call the pros at Home Solar Connecticut today.

A row of solar panels in CT.

Our Solar Company's Mission

Our mission is simple; we want to make clean energy accessible to as many property owners as possible! Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with the resources they need to invest in green, eco-friendly solar power for their homes or businesses.

We know that solar power does much more than just lower your energy costs. Solar creates clean, eco-friendly electricity without fumes, emissions, and other harmful pollutants. When you invest in solar, you are also investing in your community!

Whatever your needs for solar, we can help you find the right solar solution for your property and budget. When you’re ready to invest in solar, let our experts help!

A solar technician installing panels in CT.

Our Connecticut Team of Specialists Guarantee We're the Best Solar System Company in the State

A solar power company is only as good as its team members!

We work with the most skilled and knowledgeable solar power technicians with a long track record of stellar customer service. Everyone on our team works diligently to keep up with changing solar technology and relevant financial incentives, including tax credits and manufacturer rebates.

Every solar technician is also highly trained in solar panel installation, able to design a system that fits your property, power needs, and budget. Our skilled techs can work in new panels around roof obstructions and design a system that fits even the smallest property. Whatever your needs for solar power technology, our team is standing by, ready to help! 

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Our Impeccable Services Make Us Different From Other Solar Businesses

Not every solar contractor can say they work with the best solar companies!

Our solar services are also what set us apart from the competition and make us the best solar company in CT. When you call us, we start with a FREE, no-obligation appointment to answer your questions about solar and inspect your property.

Once you’ve decided to invest, we ensure you know all your options for solar panel leasing or purchase and help find the right no-cost solar program for those who want solar with no upfront costs. Our technicians also answer all your questions after your solar panels are installed and ensure you’re completely satisfied with your new solar power system. Contact our solar specialists today for more information today!

Call now (203) 721-6886
A contractor installing a solar panel in CT.

There's No Better Time to Go Solar!

When you’re ready to make the switch to solar, reach out to our pros at Home Solar CT! We’ll help you find the solar system that’s right for your property, often with little to no upfront costs. Call us at (203) 721-6886
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