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10 Facts You Should Know About Solar Panel Installation

May 12, 2022

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Solar panels seem to be all the rage these days. And reasonably so. They are far more functional and aesthetically pleasing than several decades ago. And with the push for federal and local governments to reduce reliance on non-renewable energy resources, they are helping homeowners and businesses by providing incentives for solar panel installation. But before you switch to solar energy, there may be a few pressing questions on your mind. Keep reading to learn more about solar panels before you purchase them.

What 3 Critical Things Do I Need to Know Before Buying Solar Panels?

Before delving deeper into some of the more critical aspects of having solar panels, here is some information about some of the most pressing things you's like to know about solar panels. Unfortunately, these are probably the ones that cause the most resistance to solar panel installation

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Solar Panels are Tailored to Your Needs

Many homeowners may want solar panels, but they worry about how they will look on their homes. After all, this is something that will stick out on your home's roof. So, you don't want it to look tacky. However, you can rest assured that today's solar panels aren't going to disturb your curb appeal. If you choose a reputable installer, you will likely work with someone who will work with you to design solar panels that aren't only functional but won't hurt the aesthetics of your home. 

How Solar Panels Affect Your Roof

Besides being concerned about how the solar panels will look on your roof, you probably wonder how panels will affect your roof and your roof warranty. After all, most roofing companies discourage homeowners from allowing contractors to nail items to the roof. However, in the case of solar panel installation, if you choose a reputable solar company, you should have no problems. In addition, a solar company with a solid reputation will know the proper solar racking techniques. This will keep your roof safe while ensuring that your solar panels remain intact throughout your solar warranty. 

Solar Companies Will Help You Maintain Your Panels

Once you get solar panels installed, you may be wondering, "what's next?" You can rest assured that you don't have to live in fear that you're on your own once you get solar panel installation. Most solar companies are full-service solar companies. This means they can install, clean, and maintain your system for a small fee throughout the lifetime of your solar panels. 

How Solar Panels Work

So now that you've gotten past the three critical fears that may have kept you from getting solar panels, it's time to dive into some other issues of concern. One may be how exactly do solar power work in the first place. While it seems complicated, it is relatively simple. And once you start saving, you will be glad you made the switch. 

After consulting with a solar representative, they will draw up the best plans for your home. Once the local permitting agency approves the plans, the solar team will install the panels on your roof. They will also install an inverter in your house, which will act as the control center for your solar panels. If you have a grid-tied system, the electric company will set up net metering. This will help them determine how much solar power you use and how much goes back to the grid. 

The panels work by the sun beaming down on your solar panels throughout the year, providing them with DC (direct current) energy. Your inverter will convert this energy into AC (alternating current) energy, allowing the electronics and appliances in your home to work. If there is an excess of solar power from your system, the extra energy goes to the grid and helps power the local neighborhood. For your excess energy, the electric company will provide a credit on your electric bill through the process of net metering. This process repeats itself daily as long as you have solar panels. 

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A Few Disadvantages of Having Solar Energy

While solar energy is a great way to reduce your reliance on non-renewable energy, there are a few disadvantages. For instance, solar energy is much more readily available. Therefore, the installation cost isn't as high as it used to be. Besides, some government incentives exist to offset the costs. However, installing solar panels can still be expensive. Additionally, there is the issue of intermittency. Since the sun isn't out at all times, this could cause you to rely on the grid during these times. So during those times that you depend on the grid, you won't be saving. But on the bright side, solar energy does give you independence and can help reduce your electric bills. 

Does My Roof Get Enough Sun for Solar Panels?

The solar installation team has to position your panels on your roof to ensure that they will get the maximum sunlight all year long. As the sun moves north to south in the sky from winter to summer, the sun has to beam directly onto the panels. Therefore, they will install the panels on the roof in the best position for this to take place. If your roof can't provide high-quality reception all year, the installation company may consider putting your solar panels on another part of your house or somewhere else on your property. 

Cost Of Solar Panels

If you want to get solar panel installation, the cost of solar could range between $3,500 and $35,000, with most people paying on average $16,000. The price you pay could vary according to many factors, including who where you live and if you qualify for incentives.

How Long Before Solar Panels Pay for Themselves?

After your initial investment in your solar system, it could take anywhere from five to fifteen years for your solar payback period to kick in. On average, most people start to see ROI (return on investment) in about eight years. This isn't a bad trade-off considering solar panels could last 25 years or more. Seeing ROI in as little as five years and saving on electric bills month after month over the remaining lifetime of the panels could save a homeowner several thousands of dollars!

Government Assistance For Your Solar Panels

Solar installation is a pricey investment. Luckily, many government incentives for solar power are available to help with upfront costs. For instance, the federal government offers 26 percent off until the end of 2022.  They are offering 22 percent off from January until the end of December 2023. This incentive is a tax credit. Therefore, it would be a good idea to speak with a tax specialist about how this incentive will benefit you.

Additionally, the state government of Connecticut is also offering some great incentives to offset initial costs. For instance, you won't have to pay sales taxes or property taxes on your panels. Also, if you need a loan to purchase your system, they provide loans to help you switch to solar energy. 

How Do Solar Panels Help Save on Energy Bills?

Once your panels are installed, your local utility company will place net metering on your system. This will allow them to track your usage of solar power versus the traditional grid. The more your system has to rely on the traditional grid, you will have higher energy bills. But the more the sun powers your system, the less energy you will need. Thus, your energy will help power the grid, allowing you to receive credit. This helps reduce your energy bill. 

Additional Solar Tools Can Help You Be Independent Of the Grid

Many believe that since they have solar power if the power goes off in their local neighborhood, their electricity will remain on. Unfortunately, since your power is grid-tied, you will also face a power outage if there is one. Luckily, you can get a solar battery or a solar generator to keep your power working during a power outage. 

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What Happens to My Solar Panels When I Move?

If you have solar panels and you decide to move somewhere else in the local area, your installation company can move your solar panels with you. If you decide you don't want to take your panels, you can try to encourage the new homeowner to take ownership of the solar panels, particularly if you are leasing your solar panels. 

Are you ready to get solar panel installation in Connecticut? Home Solar CT is a solar panel company that can help you with solar panel installation and discuss the incentives available to help you save on your system. Call (203) 721-6886 today to learn more and get a FREE quote on their services. 

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