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Go Solar in CT & Begin a Brighter Future

Go Solar in CT & Procure Incredible Solar Incentives 

You deserve to work with the #1 provider of go solar solutions in CT!

When you’re ready to go solar in CT, you need to call the pros at Home Solar CT! At our solar company, we specialize in helping homeowners and commercial property owners find the solar power system that’s right for their property.

Our team here at Home Solar Connecticut takes pride in offering nothing less than stellar customer service! We ensure we answer every customer question about why should you go solar in CT, how solar power works, and why solar the best choice for your property.

Are you wondering why you should go solar now in Connecticut? State and federal financial incentives mean there’s never been a better time to invest in solar! To find out if you’re qualified for solar with no out-of-pocket costs, call the pros at Home Solar CT today.

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Technician installing solar panels in CT.


Find Out How to Go Solar in CT

Wondering how to go solar in CT? At Home Solar CT, we make solar simple! Check out our process and call us for your free, no-obligation appointment.
Step 1

Choose a Local CT Solar Installer

At Home Solar CT, our solar panel technicians have an in-depth knowledge of solar power systems and proven track record of exceptional customer service. You can rest assured that your CT solar installer is ready to answer your questions and explain the process from start to finish.
Step 2

Solar Panel System Designed for You

No matter your structure’s roof design, our solar panel installers can design a solar panel system that fits your property and budget! On-demand solar panel design systems direct from the manufacturer are in pristine condition and ready for installation.
Step 3

Solar Panel Installation Process in Connecticut

Solar panel installation is not a job for a general contractor! For precise, expert installation, rely on the pros at Home Solar CT. Our installers specialize in panel installation and wiring, ensuring those panels are safe and secure no matter the weather.
Step 4

Solar System Checks and Follow-Up

Even after your system is installed, you probably have many questions about its operation and maintenance. Our solar system installers ensure your system is functioning properly and follow up with every customer, ensuring all your questions are answered!


See what our customers have to say:
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I had been waiting a long time before I finally decided to go solar. Let me say, it was the best decision I could have made. With the way energy prices are in CT I'm saving a ton with my new solar panels. Great experience working with Home Solar CT!"
- Greg S.

Go Solar in CT to Save the Planet!

Electricity doesn’t emit pollutants, but power plants used to generate electricity do! The less city-supplied electricity you consume, the smaller your carbon footprint. Solar panels need little to no maintenance, making solar an easy way to save the environment and the planet.

Go Solar in CT to Save Money!

Even in your new solar panels don’t provide all the electricity you need every month, your new solar system can mean a tremendous reduction in your energy costs. Many property owners find that their savings is so significant that a solar system pays for itself within just a few short years!

Financial Incentives to Go Solar in CT!

State and federal financial incentives mean there is no better time to go solar in CT! Along with tax credits, manufacturer rebates and seasonal discounts can often mean no upfront costs or out-of-pocket expenses for solar power installation. Call us today to find out more!

There's No Better Time to Go Solar in CT!

When you’re ready to go solar in CT, call the pros at Home Solar CT! We’ll help you find the solar system that’s right for your property, often with little to no upfront costs. Call us at (203) 721-6886
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