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Not all local CT solar panel installers are alike, which is why you need to turn to the pros at Home Solar CT when you’re in the market for a new solar power system. Our company works with every customer individually to find the right solar panel technician and installer for them, and stand behind their work every step of the way.

Your local solar panel technicians are all highly skilled and trained in the latest technology for solar panel system design and installation, ensuring your new panels stay safe and secure throughout the years. They specialize in creating custom installations for even the smallest roof and for working around roof obstructions including vents and chimneys.

To ensure you find the best local CT solar installers, call the experts here for solar in CT and let us pair you with a local installer dedicated to customer satisfaction. The right technician and installer ensure you’ll be happy with your new solar panel system for many years to come!

A solar contractor installing panels on a CT home.
A CT solar installer checking panels in CT.

Why Rely on Our Company for Solar Panel Installers

Never rely on a general contractor for your solar installation needs! At Home Solar CT, we only work with trained experts providing years of experience in home solar installation and in designing systems for commercial structures of any size.

New CT solar panel installation is more difficult than many property owners realize, as racks holding panels in place must be worked around roof obstructions and secured to a structure’s framework, to keep panels in place. Those panels should also face a direction allowing them the most sun exposure, away from shade trees and other obstructions!

Once installed, your new panels must be wired to your structure’s electrical systems. All these steps require skill and expertise you won’t find with just any solar panel salesperson! To ensure a high-quality, reliable solar panel installation, rely on the solar energy contractors here at Home Solar CT.

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Now is the Time to Go Solar CT!

If you’ve been putting off your search for a solar power system, perhaps because you’re afraid of your expected solar panel installation cost, now is the time to call Home Solar CT! Federal and state financial incentives including tax rebates, as well as low-cost leasing programs, can mean the solar panel installation you need with little to no upfront costs.

Our Connecticut solar energy technicians can also help you determine just how much money you might save by investing in solar power, and if you’re eligible to earn money from the power your panels produce! Remember that the sooner you invest to go solar in CT, the sooner you can lower and even eliminate your utility costs and potentially earn money from those panels, so don’t wait any longer but contact us today.

Solar panels installed on a CT home.
Ground mounted solar panels in CT.

Why You Need a CT Solar Panel Installation

Don’t go another day without a CT solar panel installation! Solar power is clean and eco-friendly and doesn’t produce fumes, emissions, or other pollutants as do power plants. Solar panels are also safe to handle, without any internal chemicals or moving parts, and need little to no maintenance over the years.

While you might not think that a solar installation will have much of an impact on the environment, investing in solar power for your home is an excellent way to encourage your neighbors and local businesses to do the same. When your community members see how quickly and easily your panels install and find out how much money you save on your utility costs, they might be eager to ask for the number of your local Connecticut solar installers!

If you still have questions or are ready to get started with a solar power system for your home or business, contact us today. Our team of local CT solar installers is standing by, ready to show you the many options you have for a solar power system that is sure to save you money while reducing your carbon footprint as well!



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"I had been waiting a long time before I finally decided to go solar. Let me say, it was the best decision I could have made. With the way energy prices are in CT I'm saving a ton with my new solar panels. Great experience working with Home Solar CT!"
- Greg S.

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Here at Home Solar CT, we know that getting started with a new solar power system can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, which is why we’re dedicated to making the process as simple as possible for homeowners and commercial property owners. We can help you calculate your cost savings or find all financial incentives for which you’re eligible. Whatever solar resources you need to get started with solar, call us at Home Solar CT!

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When you’re ready to make the switch to solar, reach out to our pros at Home Solar CT! We’ll help you find the solar system that’s right for your property, often with little to no upfront costs. Call us at (203) 721-6886
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