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Solar Panels, the Foundation of Your Solar Panel Design CT

A solar panel design for a CT property starts with solar panels! A basic solar panel design might consist of 20 to 25 panels, which supply most property’s power needs. The crew here at Home Solar CT can help you better understand solar designs and choices for your property.

Once you’ve chosen your solar panels, our team ensures they’re mounted on your structure properly. This includes ensuring they receive maximum sunlight throughout the day. Once installed, property owners need to do little to maintain them over the years!

With this in mind, why not call our experienced team of solar panel installers at Home Solar CT today? We’ll get your property started with a FREE consultation so you can make the switch to clean, green solar energy.

Solar panel design CT
Solar racking providing a foundation for a solar panel design.

Solar Racking Creates and Supports Your Solar Panel Design!

Solar racking is a vital part of your overall solar panel design. Contrary to what some property owners assume, contractors don’t attach solar panels right to a roof! Instead, they attach a racking system, which looks like a bedframe. In turn, that rack or frame holds your panels in position.

Proper, secure solar racking is a vital part of your solar system design. Those racks or frames must angle correctly and attach securely to a roof, without risking damage. To ensure expert solar racking installation, call our crew today! We ensure expert, durable solar panel system designs and racking, guaranteed for quality over the years.

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How Solar Inverters Fit Your Solar Panel Design in CT

Every solar panel design for Connecticut properties features an inverter. This device inverts or changes energy produced by solar panels into usable electricity. Consequently, a solar installer must wire your panels to this inverter and the inverter to your property’s circuits.

Most solar inverters are about the size of a car battery and usually mount to a wall of your property’s interior. In turn, they are out of your way while staying close to the panels and your property’s circuits.

If you have questions about a solar inverter and why it’s needed for your solar array design, give us a call! We’re happy to answer your questions and get your started on a FREE solar panel installation consultation.

Solar inverters are needed for a solar panel design in CT.
Solar batteries used for a solar panel design system.

Does Your Solar Panel Design Need Batteries or Storage Packs?

Not every solar panel design requires solar batteries or storage packs. If you don’t want to invest in batteries, a commercial or residential solar panel design can run by net metering. What is meant by net metering?

First, a contractor wires your panels through your home’s circuit board, still attached to a local utility company. Second, that utility company supplies power used by your property.

Next, that wiring sends power produced by those solar panels back to your utility provider. Your utility company then credits your bill based on that power created by those solar panels. Consequently, you don’t need to invest in costly and bulky batteries and storage packs!



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