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Here at Home Solar CT, our mission is to ensure every Connecticut homeowner and commercial property owner has the resources needed to invest in low-cost, clean, and green solar power, no matter their location!

If you live or work in Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, Stamford, Waterbury, or any city in between, give us a call to find out if solar panel installation is right for you.

When you call our solar contractor team, we will match you with a local solar panel technician and installer, also dedicated to top-notch customer service and satisfaction.

Whatever your needs for solar power, your technician will design a system that fits your property and budget!

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Our State-Wide Service Areas

Bridgeport, CT

Don’t waste hour after hour trying to sort through solar companies in Bridgeport, looking for one that suits your needs and budget. We’ll pair you with a solar system company that’s right for you! With our knowledge and experience, you can rest assured we'll get it right.

Our associated solar energy companies are dedicated to bringing solar power to every Bridgeport resident. With their expert help, you’ll soon be enjoying eco-friendly solar while lowering or eliminating your utility costs and reducing your “carbon footprint.”

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Solar Panel Installation Bridgeport
Solar Panel Installation Hartford

Hartford, CT

If you’ve been searching for the top solar companies in Hartford, CT, look no further! We have a number of solar system companies ready to design the best solar power system that’s right for your property.

Our associated solar power companies know that choosing solar and finding financial incentives for installing solar power is often downright overwhelming! Your local solar panel technician ensures a hassle-free process, one that’s designed for your home or office and your budget.

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New Haven, CT

Not all solar energy companies in New Haven are alike! When you’re ready to invest in solar power, rely on the most trusted name in solar today. We pair every customer with the highest-rated, most reputable solar company, one that’s right for them.

All our associated solar power companies have a long history of stellar, five-star reviews from past clients. They’re also highly trained and skilled at designing solar power systems for residential and commercial properties, no matter their solar needs!

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Solar Panel Installation New Haven
Solar Panel Installation Stamford

Stamford, CT

You deserve nothing less than the best solar company in Stamford, but it can be an overwhelming and stressful process getting there. We can pair you with the area’s highest-rated solar power installers, ensuring a precise and secure installation.

When you trust us, you can rest assured that you’ll work with only the most highly skilled, trained installers dedicated to finding the best solar solution for your property. Whatever your power needs and budget, we'll find the perfect solution.

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Waterbury, CT

Stop wasting time trying to find the right solar system for your solar installation needs! We can pair you with the right solar installer, ready to design a system that meets all your electrical power demands.

Whether it’s for a residential or commercial property, we can find the ideal Waterbury solar company for you. Whatever your requirements for clean, green solar power, we overdeliver to get you the results you're expecting.

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Solar Panel Installation Waterbury

Southington, CT

Go green and save green with solar power from Home Solar CT. Our seasoned team provides turnkey solar for Southington area homes. Through an obligation-free consultation, we assess your needs and home's solar potential. Next, we design a customized system to maximize sunlight, enhance aesthetics, and reduce your electric bill. Only premium panels and components from industry leaders make the cut. Our experienced installers ensure safe, seamless solar integration per code. We handle the entire process from permitting to activation while you relax. Local incentives plus financing options make our solar affordable. Reliable service and 24/7 support provide peace of mind for decades. By harnessing the sun's free rays, our solar systems deliver clean energy and electric bill savings. Let Connecticut's top-rated solar installer make the switch easy and profitable. Unlock a brighter, greener future with solar power from the team you can trust - Home Solar CT.

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Cheshire, CT

Go green and save money on electricity costs with solar panel installation. As a top solar company in Cheshire, CT, we make it easy and affordable to harness the power of the sun. Our technicians will design and install a customized solar system for your home, whether you want to cover just a portion of your electric needs or go completely off-grid. With quality components, expert installation, and financing options, we remove all the hassle of switching to solar. Take control of your energy costs and gain energy independence with our Cheshire solar panel systems. Home Solar CT has been a trusted solar provider in the area for over 10 years. 

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West Hartford, CT

Home Solar CT is a solar panel installation company that specializes in residential solar power systems. Founded in 2020, Home Solar CT aims to make solar energy accessible and affordable for homeowners in the West Hartford area. Their team of NABCEP-certified installers has years of experience designing and installing solar panels on roofs, ground mounts, and carports.

By providing free solar assessments and transparent pricing, we hope to educate homeowners on the benefits of switching to solar power and empower them to make the transition. With excellent warranties and responsive customer service, this team is committed to being the premier installation solar company in West Hartford.

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Farmington, CT

Home Solar CT is proud to have had a presence in Farmington CT for over 3 years. With an office located in the town center, we have been able to serve hundreds of local homeowners by installing high-quality solar panel systems. Our team of installers, who live in and around Farmington, have helped residents take control of their energy costs while also reducing their carbon footprint. Whether seeking energy independence or seeking to go green, we've become the go-to solar company for Farmington area homeowners looking to harness the power of the sun. We look forward to continuing to grow and serve the Farmington community for years to come.

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Simsbury, CT

As a leading solar company in Simsbury, CT, we offer a full range of solar solutions for both homes and businesses. Our services include photovoltaic system design and installation to convert sunlight into electricity and lower your power bills. We have extensive experience with grid-tied and off-grid systems, as well as solar water heating, solar pool heating, and solar battery storage options to enable full energy independence. Our team has installed over 500 solar systems in Simsbury and surrounding towns. As a local company, we pride ourselves on our quick response times, positive customer service, transparent pricing, and our warranties backed by 25 years in the solar power industry.

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Berlin, CT

As the premier solar company in Berlin, Connecticut, we provide a wide selection of solar systems for homeowners and companies. Our expertise includes designing and installing photovoltaic systems that turn sunlight into electrical power to lower your energy bills. We have vast knowledge of grid-connected and off-grid systems, along with solar-powered water heating, solar pool heating, and solar storage solutions for complete energy self-sufficiency. As a local company, we take pride in our prompt response times, helpful customer service, transparent pricing, and our warranties supported by over 25 years in the solar power industry.

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solar berlin ct
solar company southbury

Southbury, CT

We're Southbury’s premier residential and commercial solar provider. We specialize in implementing customized solar energy systems that reduce electric costs through harnessing power from the sun. With deep roots in the community and hundreds of local solar installations, we have the experience to handle everything from small-scale solar to complex energy storage and off-grid solutions. As Southbury's trusted local solar professionals, we pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding customer experience through transparent, upfront pricing, responsive project management, and long-term system performance guarantees. Let us show you how affordable and hassle-free choosing a solar company in Southbury can be.

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There's No Better Time to Go Solar!

When you’re ready to make the switch to solar, reach out to our pros at Home Solar CT! We’ll help you find the solar system that’s right for your property, often with little to no upfront costs. Call us at (203) 721-6886
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